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Assist Life Stage, Transition

We offer flexible and sustainable disability care.

Assist Life Stage, Transition

Going through a transition is not easy. We understand the importance of transitioning through various stages in life without any hiccups. Therefore, we got you covered with our NDIS assist life stage transition support.

Be it starting school, starting your first job, buying a new house, managing your NDIS supports, or taking retirement- we help you to build capacities to be able to make these transitions smoothly. We follow a personalized, well-defined approach to enable an easy transition, after having a thorough understanding of your needs, and developmental goals.

Our NDIS assist life stage & transition services assists you in coordinating your support plan, planning ahead, developing your skills, understanding the legalities wherever required and everything in between.

This includes but is not limited to

  • Providing assistance with accommodation
  • Helping you understand the tenancy occupation
  • Assisting you throughout the transition at the work front
  • Helping your coordinate your own support
  • Assisting you with planning ahead, as per your life goals
  • Assisting you with efficient decision making
  • Helping you develop the skills that would allow you to grow personally and professionally
  • Supporting you through and through

We have a dedicated team onboard that has the ability to assist you in all your life stages and transition you need. Contact Support Services is an epitome of dedication and as we continue to provide efficient NDIS services, we are also committed to maintaining high standards of care and support. 


We Care You The Most

We Go Above & Beyond For Our Clients

Our participants are at the heart of everything we do at Contact Support Services. This means we will always listen, share ideas, and seek feedback so you can live life on your terms. Our client-centered approach will always focus on your personal goals, even as they evolve and change.

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