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Community Participation

Recreation and leisure activities are a critical factor in the quality of life for all people, including those with disabilities. At Contact Support Services we provide assistance with social and community participation because many people with disability find that getting out and about in the community can present significant challenges. For individuals with disability, Contact Support Services will provide NDIS community participation service that is a pathway for social opportunities, which helps with skill development and competencies such as community activities and outings.

NDIS Community Participation Service: Unlocking Social Opportunities

As an accredited NDIS community participation service provider. Contact Support Services offers a comprehensive pathway to unlocking social opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Our team of skilled and compassionate professionals works closely with each participant, tailoring support plans to meet their specific needs and goals. We aim to empower individuals with the necessary skills and competencies to engage confidently in community activities and outings. Whether it’s attending social events, joining interest groups, or participating in recreational programs, we strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment that promotes growth and independence.

Building Meaningful Connections and Interpersonal Relationships

Community participation is more than just attending events or outings; it’s about building meaningful connections and developing lasting friendships. Our services go beyond logistical support, as we focus on nurturing social skills and fostering interpersonal relationships. We encourage individuals with disabilities to explore their passions and interests, helping them build self-confidence and a sense of purpose within their communities. Through these experiences, our participants not only enrich their lives but also contribute to the cultural diversity and inclusivity of the wider community.

Moreover, we value the significance of skill development in enhancing the overall life experiences of individuals with disabilities. Our community participation programs are designed to promote the development of essential life skills. This include communication, decision-making, and problem-solving. Participants are encouraged to take on new challenges and responsibilities, boosting their self-esteem and independence. By providing a safe and supportive environment, we enable individuals to break barriers, overcome obstacles, and discover their full potential


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Our participants are at the heart of everything we do at Contact Support Services. This means we will always listen, share ideas, and seek feedback so you can live life on your terms. Our client-centered approach will always focus on your personal goals, even as they evolve and change.

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